Home Sweet Comfort

There is an inner place that is home no matter where we are. A peaceful, familiar comfort that allows us to glide through the most painful situations. Without thinking twice.

Don’t get me wrong, the shattering agony is sometimes more than we think we can bear.

However, the storm never overtakes us and we remain standing when the rainbow appears. When we look back into the clouds, we can recognize The Divine (God) intervening just before we would have given up the spirit and perished in the waves.

He has shown Himself faithful and worthy of our trust.

No storm that arises in the future will ever have the ability to paralyze us with its threats from this point forward. He has assured us that we will overcome.

What peace it gives…..

When we find ourselves in the grip of a powerful storm, and He has already shown Himself to be faithful.

This too shall pass…